Meet Alex Norman: Climate Change & Sustainability Executive

1 September 2022
Climate Connect Aotearoa
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In part of an ongoing series we meet the team behind Climate Connect Aotearoa. Meet Alex Norman, Climate Change and Sustainability Executive.

Alex Norman Auckland Unlimited


Always great to catch up, Alex! Tell us about your role at Climate Connect Aotearoa.

My role is ever evolving as the hub moves from a concept to reality. Now that Climate Connect Aotearoa is up and running, I’m leading the development of the Knowledge Hub and working with Cornell on the upcoming Māori-led programme.


What’s one thing you hope to achieve through Climate Connect Aotearoa?

I think we're often inundated with the negative messages surrounding climate change and it can be overwhelming. If someone is not passionate about it, they might just feel like shutting down. I think focusing on opportunities is just as important as the impacts so that we can feel inspired to innovate and create system-wide change. 


Why are you doing this?

I’ve always been an outside person and that's made me very conscious of what’s happening in the environment around me. I worked in the education sector in London in my early 20s and then went back to university in 2020 to do a Bachelor of Global Studies, Global Environment and Sustainable Development. I started with an environmental focus and quickly realised that climate change is just as much a social issue. I'm determined to try and do something to make a difference for both the community and the environment.


And when you’re not doing all that?

I’m currently learning te reo Māori - a big passion of mine. I love going to festivals and I’m a bit of a gardening nerd. I'm lucky to have a proper vegetable garden at home with carrots, beans, leafy greens and some fruit trees.


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