Our Ecosystem Map: This interactive tool can connect you to climate innovators

2 September 2022
Climate Connect Aotearoa

With the impacts of climate change already evident and the future impacts far more disruptive, our need for transformational change is becoming increasingly important. To deliver such change, we need a continuous stream of cross-sector collaboration and partnership. We need to develop a climate innovation ecosystem.

Explore our ecosystem map

At Climate Connect Aotearoa, we know that there is a lot of amazing work happening across Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa and that there is a strong desire for better collaboration within and across different sectors. That’s why over the past six months, we’ve been piecing together a climate innovation ecosystem.

We are building the climate innovation ecosystem not only to help others identify cross-sector connections to accelerate climate innovation, but also to help Climate Connect Aotearoa identify under-represented groups, ensure we are representing all the ‘actors’ of the ecosystem when we run challenges, and making sure solutions are supported by the organisations best placed to do so.


What is a Climate Innovation Ecosystem? 

A climate innovation ecosystem is made up of the different actors, relationships and resources who all play a role in taking a great idea to transformative impact at scale. By identifying the cross-sector connections, we can support solutions to develop more quickly through identifying the relevant needs and partners to make it happen. 

In the diagram below, we have identified eight groupings that can support the required level of transformative change and enable climate innovation solutions to scale up. 



Ecosystem Map

Explore our ecosystem map

To support our high-level ecosystem framework, we have also developed an interactive and live map of the climate innovation ecosystem in Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa to provide real benefit to individuals and organisations seeking support from different sectors.

For iteration one of the map, we have drawn from our existing Tātaki Auckland Unlimited ecosystem mapping work, completed in 2019. We also acknowledge the great mapping work done by other organisations, including the Lever Room (Rebecca Mills (2022) Climate Solutions Directory for Aotearoa New Zealand), Ara Ake, and Callaghan Innovation and have linked to these and their work in our Kumu Map.

Using this tool you can:

  • Search for organisations in different parts of the ecosystem depending on your need or interest
  • See relationships between them and where connections can be made
  • Get links and further information on those you want to connect with

The ecosystem will continue to grow as we develop challenges and build connections.  We hope that this interactive tool will help to connect the dots across the climate innovation ecosystem and accelerate the transformative change we need.



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