Our Knowledge Hub: building resources for climate resilience

6 October 2022
Climate Connect Aotearoa
Our Team

Climate Connect Aotearoa exists to accelerate climate innovation, and one of our goals is to build system-wide knowledge and capacity for action.

Through our research and engagement with different members of the climate innovation ecosystem, we found that there is a huge amount of information held by various organisations that can support others in their climate planning and decision making but this information is not always easily accessible.

The Knowledge Hub is designed to address these barriers and provide full but easy access to information that will increase knowledge and support people and organisations in their climate planning and action.

  • To start, we’ve included some of the material that has informed our journey so far. We are sharing it with you now to support you in your journey, too. 
  • Over time, the Knowledge Hub is set to become an ever-growing centre for information, including data, case studies, ‘how to’s’, in-depth reports, videos, webinars and links to other resources.

We will work with our partners across government, Māori, academia and business to identify how we can best share the latest policy, research, data and learning with the wider climate innovation community (as well as supporting organisations in how they can apply it).

We’re determined to be demand-led and provide answers to the questions you might have, so let us know what you need to know. You can do this through one of our polls or simply send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Whāia ngā kōrero hou mai i Climate Connect Aotearoa
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